Clipboard Master este o aplicatie foarte utila,acest program pastreaza tot ce ai copiat intr-o lista ca sa refolosesti acele fisiere/link-uri.Clipboard Master este optimizat pentru a fi folosit cu mouse-ul si tastatura.
Poti folosit si “hotkeys”,fisierele pastrate in lista raman acolo chiar si dupa restart.

Clipboard Master caracteristici:

  • · Stores all your textes, files and pictures copied
  • · to the clipboard
  • · Paste any item in any windows application
  • · Define any shortcut to show the clipbard list
  • · Default is + V)

Text modules/snippets:

  • · Store often used text snippets in Clipboard Master
  • · and they are available in any application with a few
  • · keys
  • · Organize them in folders


  • · Paste the textes etc. in any application
  • · This even works with temporary edit fields, such as
  • · when renaming a file in the windows explorer

Files and folders:

  • · In the explorer files and foilders are pasted as files/folders
  • · In other applications they are pasted as text


  • · Clipboard Master stores your pictures as well

Formatted text:

  • · Clipboard Master can store the text sniptted with format
  • · Upon pasting you can chose to paste with or without format

Excellent key navigation:

  • · Clipboard Master is optimized for quick pasting of any element.
  • · E.g. to insert the 3rd item, press Win + V ,3. To Insert the 4th item
  • · in the folder ‘Letters’ press Win + V, Alt + L, 4
  • · sure, you can paste using the mouse as well

Key combinations:

  • · You can define your own key combination to show the clipboard list
  • · or to insert any item.


  • · Copy n elements to the clipboard and the paste all of them with one key combiantion
  • · Automatic and manual collections


  • · Define text modules for form you have to fill in often

Special characters, Html, Hex:

  • · Clipboard Master can convert coded characters, e.g.
  • · Clipboard Master can convert to and from hexadecimal strings
  • · Convert to upper, lower or proper case

URL Shortener:

  • · Paste an URL as shortened URL (Ctrl + U)

All items are kept even when restarting the computer:

  • · The standard clipboard is gone when you restart your computer
  • · Clipboard keeps all the items

[download title=”Download”]

Download Clipboard Master 2.5.0-RapidShare

Download Clipboard Master 2.5.0-FileBox

Download Clipboard Master 2.5.0-ZippyShare